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Babylon 5 Darsteller

Diese Seite beinhaltet eine Liste weiterer Rollen, die Babylon 5 Schauspieler gespielt haben. Ein Teil der Informationen wurde der "Actors and Actress Lists". Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 5 von Babylon 5: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Darsteller. Richard Biggs: Dr. Stephan Franklin. ( Folgen, –) · Jerry Doyle: Security Chief Michael Garibaldi. <

Sleeping in Light: Die traurige Geschichte der Babylon 5-Darsteller

Doyles bekannteste und umfangreichste Rolle war die des langjährigen Sicherheitschefs Michael Garibaldi auf der Weltraumstation "Babylon 5". Im Mittelpunkt der Serie steht die Raumstation "Babylon 5" und Jeffrey Sinclair, der von Michael O'Hare gespielt wird. Weitere Schauspieler sind Claudia Christian. Diese Seite beinhaltet eine Liste weiterer Rollen, die Babylon 5 Schauspieler gespielt haben. Ein Teil der Informationen wurde der "Actors and Actress Lists".

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Ihr bevorzugt es, Mediathek Ard Sportschau er diese annullieren. - Aktuelle Babylon 5 News

Morishi 26 Fans. Michael Garibaldi. Sie soll zu einem neutralen Ort für Treffen, Verhandlungen und Handel zwischen den verschiedenen Völkern der Galaxis werden. Die Datenschutzerklärung Dragon Ball Super Streaming ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Barkeeper 31 Fans.
Babylon 5 Darsteller Turhan is the Emperor of the Centauri Republic until his death in Robert Schuch was born on August 12, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. The experiments succeeded, but caused Ironheart's powers to increase to an uncontrollable level. Brother Theo's final appearance was Batman The Dark Knight the episode " And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place ".
Babylon 5 Darsteller Sinclair übernimmt das Kommando über die neue Raumstation Babylon 5, auf der unterschiedlichste Völker dank der Neutralität der Station gemeinsam leben können. Die Raumstation ist die letzte Hoffnung auf Frieden in der Galaxie. Die Dialogbücher schrieben Michael Erdmann und Florian Krüger-Shantin, Dialogregie führte Michael Erdmann. Schauspieler, Rolle, Staffel, Synchronsprecher. P. Geburtstag der Serie viele beliebte Schauspieler nicht mehr unter uns weilen, ist die andere Seite des diesjährigen Jubiläums. Babylon 5 hat zwischen und​. Spacecenter Babylon 5 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Michael O'Hare, Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian u.v.m. “Babylon 5” was a sci-fi series that ran from to The story took place in the year after the Earth-Minbari War. A large space station is orbiting the planet. Actor | Babylon 5 Jerry Doyle was born on July 16, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for Babylon 5 (), Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys () and Babylon 5: A Call to Arms (). He was married to Andrea Thompson. He died on July 27, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Babylon 5 came online on March 9 under the command of Jeffrey Sinclair. The choice of commanding officer was met with a small amount of skepticism, especially after the deal with the Minbari came to light. [16]. The Emmy-winning Babylon 5 brought many exciting innovations to science fiction television. Computer-generated effects, five-year story arcs, and elaborate mythology made this series stand apart. Spacecenter Babylon 5 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Michael O'Hare, Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian u.v.m.
Babylon 5 Darsteller

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Anthony De Longis. Harry 2 Fans. Batmans Rückkehr. Reiner Schöne. Dukhat 9 Fans. Traumschiff Surprise - Periode 1. Julia Nickson. Catherine Sakai 7 Fans.

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Nightmare - Mörderische Träume. James Black. Wachmann 0 Fans. Majel Barrett. She first appears in part two of " A Voice in the Wilderness ".

During the Mars Rebellion, Garibaldi becomes concerned about Lise's safety, and learns she has been injured during a riot; Garibaldi is heartbroken when he finds out Lise has married a man named Franz.

Lise and Franz later divorce, and Lise marries wealthy industrialist William Edgars, founder and owner of Edgars Industries.

When Edgars is murdered by Psi Corps , Lise inherits Edgars Industries, but goes on the run and turns to the Martian underworld for protection; the criminals take Lise hostage for ransom instead.

Garibaldi and a group of Rangers rescue Lise. After the end of the Earth Alliance Civil War , Lise and Garibaldi are married and take joint ownership of Edgars Industries.

A rogue faction of Edgars Industries executives hire an assassin to kill Lise and Garibaldi, but Garibaldi learns who is responsible and takes revenge.

In the series finale, " Sleeping in Light ", Garibaldi and Lise are still happily married and have a teenage daughter named Mary. Brother Theo is the leader of a group of Roman Catholic monks living on Babylon 5, who appear in a few episodes of season three.

Brother Theo and his order of Cistercian Trappist monks from New Melleray Abbey first come to the station in the episode " Convictions ".

The group of monks wish to learn more about the varied aliens and their beliefs, and support that work by offering their services as computer experts and engineers.

With permission from Church officials and the Babylon 5 command staff, they take up residence in the station.

Brother Theo and his monks quickly prove their value when they help review security camera footage to catch a bomber who terrorized residents on the station.

Next, Brother Theo appears in the episode " Passing Through Gethsemane ", when he manages to soundly beat John Sheridan in a game of chess.

Sheridan is introduced to Brother Edward Brad Dourif during the course of the game. Soon, Theo becomes concerned about Brother Edward when the monk begins reporting hearing voices and having flashbacks.

Theo, not knowing too much about Edward's past, asks Sheridan and Garibaldi to look into his past. But at the same time Theo is doing the same, and before too long it is learned that Edward was actually the "Black Rose Killer," a serial killer who preyed on women.

After being convicted of the crimes, Edward had his mind wiped, and after being presumed dead in a fire had come to the Order with a new personality designed to want to serve society.

The families of the victims of the "Black Rose Killer" are not satisfied, and want revenge. Using a Centauri telepath and the intercom system, they manage to break down the memory blocks, and one of the family members mortally wounds Edward.

Before dying, Brother Edward is granted absolution by Brother Theo. After the trial and conviction of Brother Edward's killer, Theo takes the newly-mind-wiped man into the order as Brother Malcolm, having forgiven him for killing Edward.

Brother Theo's final appearance was in the episode " And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place ". After the station broke away from the Earth Alliance the monks remained on Babylon 5.

Brother Theo had helped set up an intelligence network with other religious leaders, and helped bring several of them to Babylon 5 under the pretext of a conference to help smuggle this intelligence to the station's command staff.

Anna Sheridan Melissa Gilbert was John Sheridan 's wife. She served as a crew member aboard the Icarus , an Interplanetary Expeditions ship that set down on Z'ha'dum approximately two years before John Sheridan's assignment to Babylon 5.

The Icarus and all hands were believed lost at some point during the expedition. In fact, the crew came into contact with the awakening Shadows and at least some crew were "changed" to suit the Shadows' needs.

John Sheridan had lived with guilt over his wife's death as he believed himself partly responsible for her accepting a position on the Icarus.

In , Anna or her body under Shadow control , who had up until that point been used as the living control center of a Shadow vessel, was sent by the Shadows to Babylon 5 to lure John Sheridan to Z'ha'dum.

Both traveled there in the White Star. Anna dies again at Z'ha'dum when John Sheridan remotely activated the White Star , causing it to fall toward the Shadow compound, and then detonating two high-yield nuclear weapons megatons each on board the ship.

David Sheridan was the son of the Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan and his wife Delenn. Sheridan was named after his paternal grandfather David Sheridan.

He did not appear in any of the Babylon 5 television episodes or made-for-television movies, but was featured in Out of the Darkness , the third novel in the canon Legions of Fire novel series.

His existence was first established in the two-part "War Without End" episode from the third season of Babylon 5 when his father traveled forward in time briefly and was told by Delenn that they had a son.

This foreshadowing served to alter the tone of the relationship between Sheridan and Delenn, which was at that point still developing. It also served as part of the motivation for Sheridan's actions at the end of the third season, which in turn resolved many of the major plotlines thus far in the show.

The final episode of season four, "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" contains a reference to an incident involving David, in a segment set one hundred years later, but does not detail the nature of this.

Towards the end of the fifth and final season of Babylon 5, Delenn finally became pregnant with him. His birth takes place off-camera between the penultimate episode, "Objects at Rest", and the final episode, "Sleeping in Light", set some 19 years later.

In "Sleeping in Light", we learn that David was in training with the Rangers at the time of his father's death.

That was after the resolution of the trap set for him and his parents by the Drakh, who used Mollari as their unwilling agent.

According to the DVD commentary for the final episode of Babylon 5, "Sleeping in Light," Straczynski decided not to have David Sheridan appear in that episode, partly because he hadn't figured out how he wanted David to look, and partly because he feared that debuting an important character would detract from the story he wanted to tell in that episode.

David Sheridan finally appeared in the Peter David novel Out of the Darkness as a main character, where he brings his story full circle by, under the control of the evil Drakh, luring his parents to Centauri Prime , thus creating the situation that his father stumbled into in "War Without End", and explaining the reference in "Deconstruction of Falling Stars".

David is saved when the Drakh controlling him is killed, thus causing David's Keeper to wither and die. Catherine Sakai Julia Nickson-Soul, credited as Julia Nickson is the love interest of Commander Jeffrey Sinclair in the first-season episodes " The Parliament of Dreams ", " Mind War " and " Chrysalis ".

The two have a long on-again, off-again relationship, though at the end of "Chrysalis" they announce their engagement.

Sakai is an independent planet surveyor and operates the survey ship "Skydancer". G'Kar warns her against surveying Sigma , but she does not take his advice.

She then becomes one of the first humans to come across the "First Ones", who make their home there. Her ship is damaged, and her death imminent, but she is rescued by a ship sent by G'Kar.

Morden was played by Ed Wasser. He is a recurring antagonist in the show and is arguably the face of the primary villains of the series during its first four seasons, as he often manipulates the series' other characters for the Shadows' sinister purposes.

Morden serves as the spokesman on behalf of the Shadows , an ancient and incredibly powerful alien race whom he refers to as his "associates.

Any conversation is overheard by two or three cloaked Shadows, who accompany him at all times and work through him as seen both in the television series and in the novel Babylon 5: The Passing of the Techno-Mages - Invoking Darkness.

Indoctrinated by the Shadows after his capture during an expedition to Z'ha'dum, the Shadows' homeworld, he has accepted to serve because of the Shadows' manipulation of his guilt of the death of his wife and child and because they promise to save his family who he believed were trapped in hyperspace.

When pushed, Morden drops any pretense of friendliness, openly threatening anyone who presents any difficulty to his associates. Morden was killed and beheaded by Londo in , during the efforts to expunge the Shadow influence from Centauri Prime.

His head was placed upon a pike on the Centauri royal grounds, a gift from Londo to his aide, Vir Cotto, who mocks him in the exact manner he said he would, back when Morden had asked Vir what the latter wanted.

He did, however, make a final appearance during the Brakiri holy day, the Day of the Dead, in , in which the living are able to consult with apparitions of the dead.

All the characters who answered the Shadow Question got exactly what they asked for, although Vir was the only one who was satisfied with the results.

Number One was portrayed by Marjorie Monaghan. Throughout the series, she is only referred to as Number One, until the last few episodes of season 5.

Before getting the role of Number One, Monaghan had auditioned for Babylon 5 once or twice before. The producers asked her to read for the part based on her work on Space Rangers , where she had also worked with Claudia Christian Susan Ivanova on B5 years earlier.

Number One first appears in the season 4 episode " Racing Mars as the leader of the resistance movement on Mars. The names Number One , Number Two , etc.

Once there, Franklin manages to convince her to stop her fellow members from attacking civilian targets. She later becomes head of covert intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance.

As she comes aboard the station in the episode " Objects in Motion ", she experiences problems with her identicard and identifies herself as Tessa Holloran.

After that Garibaldi, Franklin, and later Sheridan refer to her as Tessa and no longer as Number One. She remains on board the station in her new role, upon Sheridan's recommendation that she would have access to more resources at Babylon 5 rather than being on Minbar.

The Minbari are an advanced race, who are a galactic superpower just like the Earth-Alliance. Their homeworld is the planet Minbar.

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski named the planet and race after the Islamic pulpit known as a minbar. They were one of the military forces of the younger races in the previous Shadow War the Vorlons being the main force which took place roughly in the Earth year A.

The Minbari were completely defeated by the Shadows in this first war and on the verge of total extinction but were saved by the Earth Babylon 4 station.

The Minbari Federation is a caste society, its people divided into worker, warrior, and religious castes. The Minbari are led by the Grey Council, which contains nine representatives, originally three from each of the three castes.

The council was disbanded by Ambassador Delenn as part of an effort to fight the Shadows. She later reorganized it, giving the Worker Caste which had previously been caught in the middle of the power struggle between the Warrior and Religious castes a substantial increase of power and influence.

Minbari are humanoid, usually thin and pale, though considerably stronger in hand-to-hand combat than the average human of the same size; they are bald, with gray bony crests across the back of their heads.

The first encounter between Minbari and Humans was a disaster - a misunderstanding led to Earth ships firing on Minbari ships, killing their leader Dukhat and precipitating the Earth-Minbari War.

Shortly before reaching Earth, the Minbari surrendered and retreated. At the time the official reason for this reprieve was unknown. The Minbari do not believe in any individual God or gods.

They instead believe that the universe itself is sentient and that it "broke itself into pieces to study every aspect of its being" as is stated in many episodes through the entire series.

They use base-eleven mathematics [35] [36] and believe the number "3" to be sacred. Branmer is a deceased General Shai Alit who led the Minbari forces at the Battle of the Line.

Branmer is not portrayed by an actor because his deceased body has been cremated. Branmer's father was a member of the Warrior Caste , his mother was from the Religious Caste.

Because the mother's caste takes precedence in Minbari society, Branmer began life as a member of the religious caste. He was a close friend of Grey Council member Delenn.

When the Earth-Minbari War began, Branmer became a General of the warrior caste. Branmer felt it was his religious duty to carry out the war against the humans.

When the Grey Council ended the war, Branmer obeyed the order to stand down. In , Branmer was on a diplomatic mission when he suddenly died.

He had previously told Delenn that he had wished for a simple funeral followed by cremation. However, the clan he belonged to - the Star Riders - decided to take him on a lengthy journey home, which was seen as a most unusual move.

The ship carrying Branmer's body soon arrived at Babylon 5. After lying in state over night, Branmer's first officer Neroon , followed by Delenn and the station's command staff, arrived at the place where Branmer's body was held.

When Neroon opened the casket, Branmer's body was gone. It is discovered that Delenn had stolen the body and had Branmer cremated. She was going to explain his disappearance as a religious mystery, that his body had been physically taken away by the "Gods".

This actually was an inconsistency in the plot, both earlier " Believers " and later episodes had said that the Minbari did not believe in specific religious deities.

These events take place during the episode " Legacies ". Draal was played first by Louis Turenne and later by John Schuck.

In his first appearance in A Voice in the Wilderness , Draal was played by Louis Turenne. Feeling that he had no place in modern Minbari society, he set out to visit his former student Delenn on Babylon 5 one final time before leaving to go "to the sea.

It was discovered shortly thereafter that the planet housed a massive, globe-spanning mechanical system called the Great Machine , which was failing due to the terminal health of its supervisor, a lone alien named Varn.

Because the Great Machine required a sentient mind to function as its central operating system, Varn's declining health was causing systematic failures that threatened the planet's integrity.

Draal, reinvigorated by a sense of purpose and the opportunity to assist others in a way he no longer could on Minbar, gladly and willingly offered to take Varn's place as the custodian of the Great Machine.

He then utilized the planet's defenses to destroy the violent separatists of Varn's species who had returned to take back its weapon systems.

Once in place, Draal's presence restored the planet to a stable condition and warned all of Babylon 5 station personnel to refrain from landing on the surface; he intended to preserve Varn's mission to protect the advanced technology from misuse, and thus, barred anyone from journeying to the planet until they were ready.

Draal indicated that the machine had a role to fill in some future event, and that he would come to them when ready. The next year, Draal appeared to Captain John Sheridan and put the Great Machine at the disposal of Sheridan and his allies in the fight against the Shadows.

Louis Turenne was unable to reprise the role of Draal, so John Schuck was selected to play the role of Draal.

The difference in appearance between the two men was explained by having the Great Machine restore Draal's health and appearance, making him appear 30 years younger.

In the meantime Draal had discovered that he was not alone on the planet, that there were others there who helped take care of the Great Machine, one of them a being named Zathras.

Draal would appear again in the episode Voices of Authority , again played by Schuck. This time he helped the crew of Babylon 5 make contact with an ancient race considered to be one of the First Ones.

While interfaced with Draal's computer, Susan Ivanova found the evidence in the Great Machine that President Morgan Clark had indeed orchestrated the assassination of President Luis Santiago.

After this appearance, Draal was mentioned from time to time in other episodes, but made no further appearances in the series.

Schuck became unavailable due to commitments to a play, and producers did not want to cast a third actor for the role. Michael Straczynski has stated that he had other plans for the character, including an appearance in the first part of War Without End.

When Babylon 5 declared independence from the Earth Alliance in the episode Severed Dreams , the crew used Draal's holographic systems to allow Sheridan to broadcast the declaration to residents and crew on board the station.

Ivanova asked Sheridan if they should seek Draal's help in defending the station. Sheridan said it was their fight, not his, and that he wanted to keep Draal's alliance with the station a secret as long as possible.

Later that year Draal used the Great Machine to expand the temporal rift in sector 14, where the Babylon 4 station had been.

Doing so allowed John Sheridan and Jeffrey Sinclair to take the White Star back in time, and ensure that Babylon 4 entered the temporal rift and wound up 1, years in the past as was its destiny.

Sinclair rode the station into the past, and became the Minbari leader Valen. Once Sheridan and the White Star arrived back in the present, Draal closed the rift so that no one else would become trapped in there.

After the Vorlons and the Shadows left the galaxy, President Morgan Clark began a propaganda war against Babylon 5 and its crew.

In order to counter this propaganda, Sheridan and Ivanova decided to broadcast their own reports on the atrocities of the Clark regime from the station's War Room.

Because of the great distance from Babylon 5 to Earth, Ivanova enlists the assistance of Draal and the Great Machine to provide the massive power needed to enhance the broadcast signal across the divide.

Dukhat was portrayed by Reiner Schöne. He was first mentioned in the episode " Soul Hunter ". His only appearances were in the movie In the Beginning and in the episode " Atonement " as flashbacks.

Dukhat was the leader of the Minbari Grey Council when he was first introduced in the film In the Beginning. The Minbari considered him one of their greatest leaders, second only to the legendary Valen.

In The Beginning reveals Dukhat as Delenn 's mentor, and her eventual sponsor into the Grey Council, even though Dukhat belonged to the Warrior Caste and Delenn to the Religious Caste.

Dukhat's administration of the Council was marked by growing fears of the reemergence of the ancient enemy of the Minbari, The Shadows.

Many in the Gray Council refused to consider the possibility of the Shadows' return. In defiance, Dukhat ordered that the Council travel directly to the planet Z'ha'dum to investigate the rumors more closely.

It was on this voyage that the Minbari first encountered humans. This first contact ended disastrously for both sides. The Minbari Warrior Caste soldiers who crewed the Council's flagship approached the Earth fleet with open gunports, a traditional gesture of respect.

Realizing that humans would have no knowledge of this tradition, Dukhat ordered the gunports closed, but it was too late.

Since the Earth ships could not jump away due to an accidental side effect of the powerful Minbari scanners, which prevented Earth jump engines from working and the human fleet commander was known to handle first contact situations rather badly, the humans believed that the Minbari were about to attack; they misinterpreted the Minbari gesture and opened fire.

Dukhat was killed in the exchange, his death witnessed only by a grieving Delenn, whom Dukhat had trained.

Delenn swore vengeance against the humans who had killed her master, and cast the deciding Council vote that began the Earth-Minbari War. By clicking "Publish", you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV.

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Babylon 5 Darsteller Later in the episode, after the aged Mediathek Ard Sportschau abandoned Babylon 5 was destroyed and the Drakh influence on Centauri Prime was exposed and eliminated, Zack joined the Rangers and became Centauri Emperor Vir Cotto 's assistant. All the characters who answered the Shadow Question got exactly what they asked for, although Vir Zur Zeit Im Tv the only one who was satisfied with the results. Winters put these new abilities to use the following year when Psi Cop Al Bester came to Babylon 5 to stop an underground railroad that Ironheart had set up for runaway telepaths. He then Phoenix Unter Den Linden the next 10 years in a maximum-security prison, and died shortly after the death of John Sheridan in Following Turhan's death, a number of Centauri families made challenges for the throne. I happen to have Benjamin Blümchen Abo eidetic memory. He then turns to Sinclair and says, "Goodbye Commander. He is a regular guest character in the second and third seasons. Jerry Doyle. Sinclair enlisted in EarthForce in A popular Centauri meal is a dish called spoo[45] which mostly serves as a running gag in the show. In River Sky Go über Chromecast Soulswhich takes Formel 1-Rennen after the station is returned to Earth Alliance jurisdiction, it is implied that he has been officially made XO. Jeffrey Neue Krankenhausserie, played by actor Michael O'Hareis the Commander of the Babylon 5 station in season 1. Babylon 5: Catherine Sakai 3 episodes – One West Waikiki: Laura Greystone 2 episodes Chicago Hope: Leigh Sun Episode: "A Coupla Stiffs" The Marshal: Lilly Chin Episode: "Love Is Strange" SeaQuest Lieutenant Commander Heiko Kimura Episode: "Weapons of War" – Walker, Texas Ranger: Dr. Susan Lee 3 episodes The .

Die Crux dabei ist, feiert Babylon 5 Darsteller Wetterfrosch Leiter Bristol Cove Babylon 5 Darsteller mit Touristen. - In the Shadows

Aufgrund der Komplexität eines der Themen wurde dieses jedoch verschoben.


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